Why I Created This Website

Throughout my life I have lived with ailments. Whether it was rheumatoid arthritis or even high blood pressure, at some point in my life, there was always a doctor telling me that I needed medication. Sometimes I would ask “Hey Doc, what is this stuff” while trying to pronounce the name. Generally I would get a generic response of “don’t worry, it will make you better.” But you know what? I wasn’t getting better.

Sure the meds helped to mask the pain or give me moments of clarity, but they were not ‘healing’ me.

It wasn’t until I hit my late 30’s that I started to look for something else. Why had I felt so much pain and yet the so-called ‘best years of my life’ were behind me. So, I started doing some research and it wasn’t until a friend of mine showed me the power of essential oils that I started to change my life.

Because of essential oils, I was able to get rid of my rheumatoid arthritis problems, reduced my high blood pressure, reduced the overall amount of headaches and freed myself of the unnatural drug cabinet that I had in my bathroom.

No longer popin pills like they were M&Ms, I was not free and feeling better than I had in years.

Sadly, not many people know of the power that exists in Essential Oils. Some believe to be ‘hocus pocus’. But I am here to tell you that it works and it can change your life. With this website, I will share with you the secrets of essential oils and other alternative health treatments. So come check out what I have and please contact me if you have any questions or what something clarified.

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