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Natural Remedies for Cellulite and Fat Burning

Guest post by the uber-talentedMarta Tuchowska of

I know that the introduction of this article may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you. However, before we dive into the incredible world of holistic remedies, including aromatherapy, herbs and alkaline foods, I believe it’s really important to start with your mindset.


Because with the right mindset, you will feel more motivated to stick to the super healthy anti-cellulite rituals we are about to discuss and keep on track.

You will also approach the healthy way of life from a point of confidence, not doubt or frustration. First of all, you need to understand that it’s not just about cellulite. Cellulite is merely a symptom of some imbalances that must be corrected through a balanced lifestyle. Wholesome nutrition with plenty of alkalizing and detoxifying foods, physical activity and even positive thinking as well as natural, remedies are a great toolkit for all holistic warriors (yes, from now on, you are a holistic warrior).

So, focus on a bigger picture because you will also reap other health and wellness benefits, like fat burning, more energy and (if desired) weight loss.

Let’s jump into it!

Be honest with yourself and analyze your lifestyle.

No worries, I am not here to judge. As a busy, 21st-century person, I have also been guilty of a sedentary lifestyle and indulging in processed foods. My old mindset was: it has to be all or nothing. And so I would rotate from crazy, restrictive fads diets (I thought I was healthy!) to bingeing on processed foods. I didn’t succeed until I decided to be good to myself, move forward and do the best I can while also giving myself some space to fail. Nobody is perfect. It’s not about perfection but about progress, right? We need to understand that it’s always those small things that make big results over the long term.

Do not use excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I am not this kind of a super healthy person” because they will not help you with your goals. Try to write down all the unhealthy culprits, for example: take-away food, too much time in front of the TV or too many sweets. Think of how these could be replaced by other, more empowering activities that are also enjoyable. For example, you could make a healthier version of your favorite pizza or take-away, you could have a naturally sweet fruit smoothie (and sneak in some spinach) instead of candy and finally, you could have a nice walk with a friend (or on your own, maybe listening to music or motivational audiobooks) instead of “couching.” Also, add new habits that you wish to create. This could be as simple as adding more vegetables into your diet, taking up yoga or meditation in order to de-stress and avoid temptations of emotional eating, starting your day with a simple home workout, etc. Then, ask yourself every day: “Okay, what can I improve today?” Focus on only one thing, and don’t try to do it all at once. This brings us to the next topic.

Focus on adding, not eliminating.

Trust me, it will be easier and your emotional wellness will not leave you. Let me give you an example. We know that processed foods and fast food is bad for us. But for some people, it can be a really tough journey to try to give it all up at once. I prefer to take a holistic approach and go to the root of the problem. I believe that we crave certain unhealthy foods simply because our body does not feel nourished enough. So, when you feel like snacking again, chances are likely that your body is telling you “Feed me, feed me! I am hungry!” The problem is that it’s asking for real, nutrient-dense foods, not crappy foods. As long as you focus on adding first, you will find it easier to eliminate unhealthy foods and eating habits. Besides, it’s easier and less stressful. You can start adding more green salads, veggies and smoothies. You can learn new recipes and take advantage of some super foods, like chia seeds, barley grass, quinoa, etc. You can start drinking more fresh fruit-infused water that will naturally replace sodas and colas.

Create a holistic spa at home with aromatherapy.

I guess this will be your favorite one! Essential oils will take care of you not only from the outside (helping you eliminate cellulite and improve your skin condition) but also from the inside. You will feel much more relaxed. Simply choose one (or more) of the following essential oils: fennel, grapefruit, lemon or mint and mix a few drops of your chosen essential oil (or oils if you are using a blend) with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Massage cellulite-effected areas twice a day, preferably after sponge peeling. Even though essential oils are safe to use and natural, remember to get acquainted with possible precautions, always investigate the brand and if pregnant or lactating, talk to your doctor first. Mint essential oil may interact with some natural homeopathic treatments, and citric essential oils (for example, lemon, orange and grapefruit) are phototoxic, meaning that after applying them topically, you need to avoid direct sun exposure. Never apply essential oils on your skin undiluted. Be sure to dilute in coconut oil or other cold-pressed oils (almond, avocado, olive, castor, etc.).

Add more alkaline foods to your diet.

Nope, I am not saying you should live on green, alkaline foods alone, but adding more fresh, alkalizing foods to your diet (leafy greens, tomatoes, avocados, lemons, fennel, limes and grapefruits) are fantastic for fat burning. Our body stores fat to protect itself from acidity. The pH of our bodily fluids, including blood should, be slightly alkaline (7.35). By eating more alkaline-forming foods, we help our body detoxify and work better for us. Finally, a bold statement from Doctor Young, author of The pH Miracle: “There is only one disease. Constant acidification of the body.” If you are new to the alkaline diet concept, no worries. I have a free eBook on the alkaline diet (plus charts and recipes) that you can grab at:

The Power of Juicing

Juicing is a great way to help you burn fat, gain more energy and eliminate cellulite. Remember not to juice fruit rich in sugar, though. Check out my article for more information and recipes:

Focus on the inside

Finally, take care of yourself from the inside out. Use herbs to help you on your journey. The herbs I have personally used include:

Fucus vesiculosus, Oxiacanta Crataegus and Butula alba.

I am also a big fan of horsetail and fennel tea.

Of course, everyone is different, so I urge you to contact Tim, the owner of this amazing website, for more detailed information and high-quality herbs. I am not a certified herbalist, so I am not able to prescribe any detailed treatments. Personally, I have benefited a lot from a consultation with Tim.

Herbs are much cheaper and more effective than splurging on exotic food supplements that eventually don’t work or getting stuck with tons of anti-cellulite lotions in your bathroom.

Move your body

To make it more effective and doable set a simple goal of 15-minute workouts per day. You can even start with 5 minutes per day. Squats are my favorite, and I am committed to doing a few series throughout the day. It’s all about creating habits – plus; it’s free. My favorite anti-cellulite workout is simple. I do a quick warm-up on an elliptical machine (can also be spinning or a short run). Then, I stretch, do squats and a few core strengthening Pilates-inspired exercises. Yoga poses, like warrior, bridge, supported shoulder stand or candle, can also help. Remember that cellulite is very often connected to poor circulation and water retention; this is why we need to move our legs and take care of them.


To sum up, there are many factors that lead to the appearance of cellulite:

  • Eating nutritionally poor food
  • Eating unhealthy food
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Fad dieting
  • Dehydration
  • A high amount of body fat
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Thickness of skin
  • Poor circulation

The above-mentioned five strategies address all of them in a holistic way. So what are you waiting for?

Get started today!

For more information, check out my bestselling book, Cellulite Killers, which is available on Amazon.

For more information and empowerment, visit my website:

Marta Tuchowska is a passionate holistic wellness coach and author on a mission. She wants to help you create a healthy body, mind and spirit through a balanced lifestyle. Marta has a strong background in healing and health (certified in massage therapy, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy and Reiki), and she infuses her natural therapy knowledge with motivational and lifestyle coaching as well as NLP to help you create a life full of energy, health and happiness. Marta wants to make it easy, doable and fun. She calls it holistic lifestyle design for modern, 21st-century, busy folks! Join the exciting journey of total body and mind transformation at:


Herbal Health and Exercise Regimes

There are many other ways to be cured than by using drugs. Other ways that actually fix the problem; instead of just covering it up. Which is what drugs do to you body, when a drug gets inside of you it bounces around to different areas because nothing knows what to do with it. So they pass the problem on to soothing else and hope they can do something with it. Your body was not created to handle drugs; it just doesn’t know what to do with them. So why give your body something it doesn’t know or like?Workout Training programs

So I would suggest that before you use drugs to fix your health problem try one or two of the alternative ways to get your health and your immune system back on the right track. Two of the better alternatives are essential oils and exercise. Exercise is the most popular alternative healing method.

However, which workout is the best for you?  This is where I turn to Workout Training Review.  This website helps teach people which workouts are the best for their goals.  They mainly focus on the three major video workouts to include Focus T25, P90X and Insanity.   But regardless, let’s talk about Focus T25 since it is the best all round for helping us to build strong core strength and thus improve our health.

And the best workout program to do is Focus T25.

Focus T25 is a 90-day workout plan that you do 5 days out of the week. This plan is not like any of the other programs because for each day you only workout for 25 minutes. Instead of the normal 1-hour to 1-1/2 that most of the other programs say you need to work out for.

Just think with Focus T25 only 25 minutes of your day is gone instead of a full 1-1/2 if you were to choose another workout program. This program is geared towards people with busy schedules that can’t afford to give up such a large time out of their day. So now more people are able to workout considering that 25 minutes doesn’t sound long or bad at all.

Now working out to a program that has set workouts you do each day can be a little difficult to remember. However that is why this program comes with a schedule. This is a paper schedule, so trust me it will get lost, but you can also find some really good Focus T25 workout schedules that are electronic. So you can take everywhere with you and it won’t get lost.

There are actually two steps that you need to follow if you plan to do the workout alternative. The first is to do the workout program exercises, simple enough. However the second step is you also need to follow the meal plan that comes with it. This meal plan is very important because lets just say I do the workout everyday and follow the schedule to a T.

However after the workout I go ahead and eat my sugared cereal that I always eat and for lunch I go out and get some greasy burgers with fries. That workout would just be worthless after all of that food. If I plan to eat like that, then why even try and workout. I would not be seeing any changes in my health or me.

So what you eat is extremely important in your health. The Focus T25 meal plan is not at all difficult to follow. The meals are also not ones that are filled with strange ingredients that you would have to search high and low for. Instead they are just basic meals that are perfect for the workouts you will be doing.

That is the best alternative health option out there, working out. In this article we covered what the best workout program is for the health alternatives. We also covered why Focus T25 is great for people in a hurry to get out the door. Then we talked about the schedule and why you should just skip the paper one that comes with the program and find it in an electronic form instead. The last and final thing that this article mentioned was the meal plan. How if you skipped it and continued to eat junk food and greasy food, that nice workout that you did in the morning would be wasted. You health will not get better if you stick to your own eating. However if you follow the meal plan things will change for the better. So that is it for the best alternative ways in which you can stay healthy or get your health back.

Herbs, Hormonal and Balance…Oh My!

supplements from HerbsFor most natural adventurers, we focus on the obvious…mind, body and spirit.  But for this post, I want to dig a little deeper into an area that really effects all three: hormones.

Hormones are the natural balance of a body.  Chemicals naturally introduced into our body affects our mind, emotion, spirit and overall being.  It can be a driving factor towards the way you carry your day and how your body acts.

Types of Hormones

I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about estrogen and testosterone right?

Well it turns out there are a LOT more than that and the subtle change in one can cause a dramatic change in your overall health.  I learned this the hard way!

Hormonal Imbalance

Back when I was trying to pull myself out of my weight problems and kick start my herbal endeavor, I kept getting stuck.  I kept feeling off.  Some days, I wouldn’t want to workout or hit the play button on my workout video.  It felt like something was missing.

Well it turns out that you can re-balance your hormones the natural way!

I came across a book called “The Natural Path to Hormonal Wellness” and found a couple of great remedies.  It turns out that you can re-balance using hrbs and it was totally in-line with what I was trying to accomplish.

This book cover:

  • 15 Different herbal remedies
  • Where the hormonal re-balancing herbs come from – something I am generally interested in…the source
  • Their chemistry and why they work
  • How to effectively use them
  • And more

Shilajit Slamayurveda

Another great source in my initial conquest to re-balance my hormones and get back on track with my weight loss was from Dr. Edward Group of  Particularly useful was his specific discussion on the 10 Best Herbs for Female Hormone Balance.

Now as many of you know, I am not a female.  But in this case, there were a couple that really applied to me and truly worked to help get me back on path.

My personal favorite was the Shilajit herb.  A tradition Chinese and Indian herb, this is concocted (seeped and mashed) to create a physical energy tonic – side affect, also increases sexual drive.  Found in the Himalayas, this compound is chalk full of nutrients, antioxidants and even amino acids.

It single handedly kick-started my metabolism by jump-starting my ATP production – layman’s terms, it sent more energy to my cells to respond to my workout demand.  I felt full of life and did it naturally.

Final Thoughts

Hormonal imbalance can be the catalyst that breaks your will and stops you from progress. I had all the right conditions in place to help me lose weight, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t move forward.  I was suffering.

Until I realized that it wasn’t a mental thing but a lack of the right hormones in my body, I was stuck.  Hey football fans, want to know why NFL players can’t take hormonal inhibitors…yup, too much of a competitive advantage.

So, check out the two resources above and start getting your hormones to respond the right way.  Start getting your life together both physically, emotionally and chemically.   Because whether or not you believe it, those three things are all tied together and together, they “Herbs, hormones and balance” can be the driving mechanism to take you to the next level.


All-natural antibiotics – Nature’s Gift to Human for Fighting Bacteria

natural antibioticsPharmaceutical antibiotics are probably one of the most helpful medicines ever developed by mankind. However, this type of antibiotic being sold on pharmaceutical stores have certain harmful effects (mild to serious) to human health when taken inappropriately, that is why antibiotics are not given to any patients without doctor prescription.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics, just like any other standard medicines, are developed from natural compounds just like plants and herbs. Yes, some plants and herbs have natural anti bacterial properties that are very helpful in fighting bacterial growth and these natural antibiotics are very accessible in our kitchen and pantry.

All-natural antibiotics


Garlic is one of the super foods that has anti bacterial properties. The anti bacterial properties found in garlic called allicin is very much effective when consumed raw. Aside from anti-bacterial properties, garlic is also popular for having anti-viral, anti-oxidant, ant-fungal, anti-inflammation and anti-parasitic properties.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut is probably the richest plant on earth. Aside from the numerous things and products that you can make from this wonderful tree, coconut is also the source of one of the purest and healthiest oils in the world which is the extra virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal properties. Plus a very good source of plenty of minerals that helps improve overall health.


Honey has this enzyme that releases hydrogen peroxide and this helps human body fight certain infections and will stop bacterial growth. It also has anti0xidant properties and anti-inflammation properties.

  • Other plants and herbs that has anti-bacterial properties:
  • Acacia
  • Aloe
  • Cryptolepsis
  • Echinacea
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Goldenseal

Although natural antibiotics are usually safe to consume, yet you still need to understand that there are some herbs/herbal products that would never be suitable for you especially if you are undergoing certain treatments or if you have taken certain medications, so we highly recommend that you seek advice from health professionals.

Headaches During Pregnancy – Natural Treatments

During the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, headaches are very typical. Headaches could be linked to hormones, higher blood volume and blood circulation, inadequate posture, insufficient water in the body, wrong diet, stress and anxiety, sinus stress, high blood pressure and some other health issues. For non-pregnant women, aspirin and ibuprofen could be the best solution to treat this problem but for those who are pregnant, these drugs are highly dangerous for the mother and to her unborn child. Some pregnant women can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to treat headaches. But they should check with a health care provider first. The best and the safest ways to relieve headaches for pregnant women is not taking any standard drugs.

Natural ways to treat headaches when pregnant:

Drink plenty of water – When you’re pregnant or nursing, keeping yourself hydrated is a crucial matter to keep in mind. When you let yourself become dehydrated, you will normally experience headaches, constipation, bloating and tiredness.

Hot and cold compress – hot and cold compress is one of the safest ways to relieve headaches. For immediate comfort, apply hot compress to your forehead or put cold compress to your neck. Cold compress helps numb the applied area by limiting the nerves from transmitting pain impulses to the mind while hot compress calms your muscle tissue. When doing hot and cold compress, you may do this by alternating the two every 20 to 25 minutes.

Prenatal Massage– massage is safe for pregnant women as long as you go with prenatal massage therapist. A full body prenatal massage can help you relax yourself especially your back, neck and shoulders.

Exercise and Prenatal Yoga– There are some physical activities and yoga exercises specifically designed for pregnant women. Considering the fact that appropriate posture can lead to headaches and neck pains, prenatal yoga can help yourself correct your body posture all throughout your pregnancy period. Aside from that, yoga can also help you with breathing techniques to minimize the level of head aches.

Getting enough rest – Rest is another important thing to do when you are pregnant. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you will normally experience headaches in the morning. While at daytimes, it is also important that you take minutes of rest when you feel really tired. Rest is another instant headache reliever.

Eat organic foods – Organic foods are very helpful in the development of the unborn baby and the improvement of the mother’s health during pregnancy. Headaches will occur when your blood sugar falls.

Headache is a simple illness that most pregnant women will experience but if this is not treated immediately, it will result to severe headaches. Make sure that you take action while it is not yet severe to avoid major pregnancy complications and major discomforts

Herbal Teas That Can Help Prevent Cancer

In the past few decades, have done different studies to find ways on preventing cancer. Some of these researches had focused primarily on organic components particularly on green tea. In many studies being conducted, they discovered that green tea has cancer preventing benefits.

When you plan to take green tea as part of your diet but have taken doctor prescribed drugs, make sure that you first seek advice from your physician before doing so. Take note that, some herbal treatments are identified to have bad reactions with certain prescription drugs. However, as long as your physician approves, there is no reason to refrain from consuming herbal teas, whether for wellness protection or simply for enjoyment.

You will find a bunch of various kinds of herbal teas on the market and here are a few of the most well-known types.

Green Tea – green teas are commonly known to help shed extra pounds. Aside from that, green tea has also been proven to reduce urokinase, a variety of enzyme that is commonly over-active in people who has breast cancer.

Ginger Tea – ginger has long been used by people for hundreds of years now in order to make teas. The spicy and delicious taste of ginger can help a person in relieving nausea, menstrual discomfort, stress, improve blood circulation, fight respiratory problems and treat morning sickness.

Rooibos tea – a herbal tea originated from South Africa and is often known as red tea. This red tea cures allergies, asthma, eczema, headaches, sleep problems, high blood pressure and premature aging.

Chamomile – This is a traditional herbal tea that comes from the chamomile plant. Chamomile tea is known to help calm muscle spasms, relieve stomach pain, used as antibacterial, can improve sleep, makes skin healthy, relieves hemorrhoids and can help reduce cancerous cells.

Lavender Tea – Lavender tea may help relieve migraines, relieve sleep disorder and nervous intestinal disorders and indigestion.

Herbal teas will be an amazing inclusion to your diet regime. They can be used to cure minimal conditions and can give a calm sensation. And, now there have been many studies that have shown that herbal teas may help avoid cancer, if they become a component on your regular health protecting regime.

Protecting oneself from cancer involves living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This incorporates having regular workout, taking in meals that are low in saturated fat and plenty of fresh veggies and fruits and avoiding other unhealthy habits like smoking and too much alcohol consumption. In your diet, make sure you also include eating fruits that has high anti-oxidant properties such as pomegranates, artichokes and blueberries. If these healthy practices are maintained, then you will surely live a healthy life for longer years.

Vitamins and Herbs for Increased Stamina

herbs-healthyAn exceptionally great natural herb that is popular to several individuals is Ginseng. Ginseng came from Asian regions particularly from China and Japan. There are plenty of health supplements made from Ginseng that are commonly offered in different health stores and even in stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and many others. This particular natural herb will help enhance the stamina of the one taking it by concentrating on specific compounds in the human brain that energize increased metabolic rate and reduces food cravings. Ginseng are considered safe. Additionally, most health experts do not contemplate Ginseng as an addictive herbal plant.

You may also consider taking Vitamins B6 and Vitamin B12 supplements to increase your stamina. These vitamins can also support you for a better blood circulation and also improved oxygen into your brain. Moreover, this also helps an individual improve the overall health.

Bitter orange is another herb that is helpful in increasing your metabolic rate by concentrating on the amino acids within your body. Other individuals even consider this herb as source of natural energy while other try to use this to help them aid their weight loss routine. However, in terms of using this for weight loss, it’s not recommended because of some health risks. Bitter orange is basically taken from the Orange itself however it is broken down into a supplement form that will offer you with essential strength and reduce your cravings as well. As of now, there were no reported case of addiction to this specific supplement.

If you select a herb for example Ginseng or vitamin supplements just like B6 or B12, make it a point to refrain from supplements packed with levels of caffeine and some other harmful components. These kinds of strength boosters might direct to a addiction. They could also result in complications such as severe headaches, cardiovascular complications, or strokes. You may feel a extreme collision after the side effects where off.

Further than choosing health supplements, remember to consume a lot of water every single day. A lot of health professionals recommend that you take in no less than 8 glasses or bottles a day if you possibly could. This will get rid of or cleanse undesirable chemical substances and waste products that cause you to be feeling sick and tired.

Add some exercise in your routine as well. Supplements, water, plus exercise is a very good combinational routine that will make your body feel healthy and happy. A simple jogging or running for no less than 30 minutes every day, about three times weekly is already enough. This will improve the chemical substances that you system produces that generate energy. It will as well support you to increase your stamina. If you don’t want to jog or run, try some other sport such as bicycling, swimming, tennis, basketball, and many others. This will help you burn off high fat calories and will actually improve your vitality a lot more everyday.

It will take a good desire to want to increase your vitality, but it is always achievable. The herbal products and vitamin supplements will help you, but you have to put that energy to work to obtain the very best benefits!

Preserving Herbs At Home

herbsWe mostly love herbs. It’s healing power, the aroma and other things that has something to do with herbs is simply exceptional. Here are useful and powerful techniques with regards to drying out natural herbs and preserving them for a few months:

Drying herbs in oven method:

Put the herbal leaves or foliage on a biscuit sheet or stainless steel screen. You can do that by separating and spreading the herbal leaves equally on the biscuit sheet or stainless steel screen.
Put the herbal leaves in an oven pre-heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Take a look at it on a regular basis and take out herbal leaves from the oven. Make sure that to take out the herbs from the metal sheet as well which will keep on being hot for some time and may burn off the herbal leaves even after taking out from oven.

Advantages and Disadvantages of drying out herbal plants in the oven:

Advantages: By speeding up the drying procedure, much more of the nutritional value and essential oils are locked in to the dried herbal plants.

Disadvantages: Ovens differ and a few are pretty sloping in their heat distribution. A few of the natural herbs can be burned up, while others are still too damp.


How dry herbs differ to freezing herbs?

A few individuals choose to freezing herb garden plants, simply because they really feel they retain their fresh herb flavor as opposed to the drying of natural herbs. Some herbal plants respond truly effectively to drying out but are less effective when frozen. Let’s say for instance, chives often are sagging when frozen. The opposite is also true for other herbal plants.

Here are a couple of simple suggestions for freezing herbals plants:

Mince or cut the herbal plant into one fourth inches pieces.
Line a biscuit sheet or stainless steel sheet with wax or parchment paper
Distribute the herbal leaves on the stainless steel sheet
Put the sheet with the herbs into the freezer
When herbal plant or leaves are frozen, move them to an resistant zip-lock pouch
Put back to freezer right up until required

This method is actually a simple technique of freezing natural herbs and it is powerful.

Herbs in Ice Cubes:

Carefully mince the herbal leaves.
Put a measured volume, (listed below) washed herbal leaves in an ice-cube container
Fill up ice cube plastic containers with drinking water and freeze out
Make sure to mark the ice cube trays so you can determine your herbs afterwards

By conserving fresh herbals in ice cubes, you’ll get the following benefits:
Herbs from your home herbal garden are quickly and efficiently saved for later use. The next advantage is that every single ice cube has a pre-measured volume of fresh herbals. Each and every herb-filled ice cube becomes an extremely handy that you just drop into your sauces, soups or other refreshing herbal dishes. Try setting a tablespoon of healthy lightly minced herbs in every single ice cube. This is a typical measuring for your recipes.

Uses of Arnica in treating different ailments

ArnicaArnica is a healthy plant that grows up nicely in cool and healthy specific areas. The flower of arnica is used to make medicine. Although it likes a a bit acid land, it will cultivate in a Ph 6.0-8.5 without having trouble. It likes 100 % sunlight, modest richness and well-drained conditions, but likes plenty of humidity. This plant is native to Siberia but you will see numerous Arnica that grows in the wild of North America.

Arnica have been utilized for therapeutic uses since the 15th century and continues to be well-known today for its medicinal elements. The plant is used to cure painful muscle tissue, bruises, sprains, injuries, rheumatic discomfort, pest attack irritation and inflammation linked with cracked bone tissues. It may have critical adverse reactions if consumed internally, and must be utilized topically. It is utilized as a salve, ointment, tincture, compress, essence or oil. The flowers or arnica are the major resource for therapeutic therapies, and must be dried up and placed apart from possible pest problems.

Rheumatism is most frequently cured with traditional remedies. Nevertheless, rheumatism continues to be effectively cured for hundreds of years, with a range of all natural treatments. A few of the natural herbs used are usually arnica, oregano, oats, birch, celery, marjoram, horseradish, coriander, cow parsnip, cowslip, chamomile, chickweed and angelica.

Flatulence might be a sign of a strong hidden condition. Usually, even so, it is basically a gassy difficulty that might be cured with the following herbs: alfalfa, angelica, arnica, basil, bee balm, caraway, celery, cumin, dill, fenugreek, hyssop, juniper, lavender, marshmallow, oregano, pennyroyal and alerian. Take note, although arnica is poisonous in substantial amounts, a weak tea is great for healing flatulence.

A range of natural herbs as well as some other food items that restore & develop muscle tissue, boost the circulatory flow and minimize discomfort comes with apple cider, arnica, black cohosh, cabbage, cayenne, chamomile, clove oil, garlic oil, hawthorn, horsetail, lavender, lavender, lobelia, mint, mustard, nettle, Oregon grape, plantain, rosemary, sesame oil, skullcap, thyme, white willow and wintergreen.

Arnica is one of the very best pain remedies for painful muscle tissue along with sprains. Try to make a salve or essence by using 1-2 teaspoon arnica and apply to damaged area every couple of hrs.

Bruises are usually cured topically, either by washes, oils & creams or compresses and poultices. A few of the natural herbs utilized for remedy are aloe, arnica, calendula, cattail, chamomile, common plantain, cow parsnip, elder, garlic, hops, horsetail, lavender, mullein, nettle, onion, portulaca, rosemary, self heal and slippery elm.

Arnica is extremely appreciated as a therapy for bruises and pressures. Put together oil infusion using 2 tablespoons of smashed arnica root for ½ cup of oil. Put on topically as a massage, or make a warm compress and put on to the infected area.

The primary goals in treating cuts are to avoid contaminants and stop bleeding. A pair of herbs that are preferably suitable to these are garlic herb and turmeric. The discoloration ability of turmeric as well as the odor of garlic herb might be off-putting, yet the styptic benefit of turmeric and the anti infection components of garlic are impressive remedies for cuts.

You may try to grind arnica, mullein seed and goldenrod leaves into a dense cream, by using rubbing alcohol or warm water. Put on as a poultice on the injury and tape entire plantain leaves on top to keep set up.