Herbal Medicine History

herbalismThe usage of plants for medicinal purposes have been practiced by people thousands and thousands of years ago in various regions of the world. Ancient people have used herbs and other plants for cooking purposes as well as treat certain ailments such as colds, stomach pain, headaches, injuries and so much more. These herbal practices were passed from generations to generations and were developed to make it more effective.

History of Herbal Medicine

Sumerian medicine

Summerian herbalism is the oldest recorded herbalism in the world, dated back 2200B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia. Archeologists have discovered these records of Sumerian herbalism in clay tablets.

Herbalism in China

One of the oldest known herbalism had been practiced in China, dated 5000 years ago. One of the historical records that greatly contribute to the Chinese herbalism is the Pen Tsao, a book of more than 300 herbal plants that had been put together by a Chinese legendary ruler named Chi’en Nung (Shen Nung, Shennong), which greatly helped the Chinese people in agriculture and medicinal practices.

Herbalism in India

Ayurveda is a popular and one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine practices in India. The history of their medicine was dated back 4000B.C in a sacred form of writing that they called as Vedas. In the recent days, Ayurveda is still practiced in India and even in other regions of the world including the Western regions.ayurveda

Herbalism in Rome and Greece

The origin of herbalism in Rome and Greece was from the Sumerian medicine, Egyptian medicine and even from Chinese and Indian influence. Hippocrates, the Greek physician and the “Father of Western Medicine” greatly contributed to the Ancient Greek medicine.

Present Day Herbal Medicine

The present day form of herbalism may not be as similar to what our ancient people have done but we still believe that remedies are always found in nature. Thousand and thousand of years ago, herbalism involved certain things like superstition but today, as life and technology evolves, scientific methods are applied to prove and improve the effectiveness of these plants and herbs.