Preserving Herbs At Home

herbsWe mostly love herbs. It’s healing power, the aroma and other things that has something to do with herbs is simply exceptional. Here are useful and powerful techniques with regards to drying out natural herbs and preserving them for a few months:

Drying herbs in oven method:

Put the herbal leaves or foliage on a biscuit sheet or stainless steel screen. You can do that by separating and spreading the herbal leaves equally on the biscuit sheet or stainless steel screen.
Put the herbal leaves in an oven pre-heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Take a look at it on a regular basis and take out herbal leaves from the oven. Make sure that to take out the herbs from the metal sheet as well which will keep on being hot for some time and may burn off the herbal leaves even after taking out from oven.

Advantages and Disadvantages of drying out herbal plants in the oven:

Advantages: By speeding up the drying procedure, much more of the nutritional value and essential oils are locked in to the dried herbal plants.

Disadvantages: Ovens differ and a few are pretty sloping in their heat distribution. A few of the natural herbs can be burned up, while others are still too damp.


How dry herbs differ to freezing herbs?

A few individuals choose to freezing herb garden plants, simply because they really feel they retain their fresh herb flavor as opposed to the drying of natural herbs. Some herbal plants respond truly effectively to drying out but are less effective when frozen. Let’s say for instance, chives often are sagging when frozen. The opposite is also true for other herbal plants.

Here are a couple of simple suggestions for freezing herbals plants:

Mince or cut the herbal plant into one fourth inches pieces.
Line a biscuit sheet or stainless steel sheet with wax or parchment paper
Distribute the herbal leaves on the stainless steel sheet
Put the sheet with the herbs into the freezer
When herbal plant or leaves are frozen, move them to an resistant zip-lock pouch
Put back to freezer right up until required

This method is actually a simple technique of freezing natural herbs and it is powerful.

Herbs in Ice Cubes:

Carefully mince the herbal leaves.
Put a measured volume, (listed below) washed herbal leaves in an ice-cube container
Fill up ice cube plastic containers with drinking water and freeze out
Make sure to mark the ice cube trays so you can determine your herbs afterwards

By conserving fresh herbals in ice cubes, you’ll get the following benefits:
Herbs from your home herbal garden are quickly and efficiently saved for later use. The next advantage is that every single ice cube has a pre-measured volume of fresh herbals. Each and every herb-filled ice cube becomes an extremely handy that you just drop into your sauces, soups or other refreshing herbal dishes. Try setting a tablespoon of healthy lightly minced herbs in every single ice cube. This is a typical measuring for your recipes.

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