Zombie Infection and Parasites from Hell

While most people think that zombies are something only to be enjoyed via the movie screen there are a growing body of medical professionals who see real zombies every day.  Diseases that cause the host to act in unpredictable and often irrational ways are often labelled as “zombie” parasites.

The most pervasive of these viruses is the Solanum Virus.  This virus an transform the host into a zombie once it’s introduced into the body.  Although scientific evidence is still lacking on what makes this virus so powerful, the mechanism behind it is understood.  Once the virus reaches the brain, it affects bodily functions.  The viral incubation period isn’t that long, which means once it’s loose it will destroy a good portion of the brain.  Combined with the ability to spread via cuts and open sores, the Solanum Virus is a potential dangerous pathagen.

As the virus interacts with each organ it takes over the physiological task once performed by humans.  They also create a large amount of oxygen.  As a zombiepedia post indicated, “The energy source of the zombie remains a baffling mystery to science, as a zombie will continue moving indefinitely without food, water, or rest. Even when a zombie does“consume” an organism, Solanum virions and infected cells do not draw energy from the flesh like living cells would.”


While this might not be something we need to worry about it does bring up an important point. When it comes to medical conditions at what point does fantasy become out of the questions of what could actually happen. Could zombies actually take over the world? and if so what kind of herbs and medicine could prevent it.  Thinking along these kinds of imaginative lines helps us not only think more creativity but also be open to new ideas.

The UK’s health agency recently opened up the discussion on zombie related outbreaks in a recent forum. The post received large media attention and gathered over 400 comments to the post.

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